The biggest ruin pub in Budapest

Instant is truly the enchanted forest of Budapest's ruin pubs and bars. Featuring 26 rooms, 7 bars, 2 gardens and 7 stages, the party never stops in the nightlife of this ruin pub. Whether you're a veteran of the ruin pub culture or simply travelling through Budapest, we welcome you each and every night with new experiences!

The ruin pub with a history

Instant has been part of Budapest nightlife for 6 years now. The place is love at first sight, a special affair with the guests. Relationships come to a break sooner or later, but so far Instant and its guests could handle all problems. The key on one hand are the feedbacks from visitors and continuous improvements of the place on the other hand. It keeps us alive and brings us even closer. Instant is prettier and bigger then ever, developed by new sound tech and social spots. Our music selection is also wider now, more cool bands and local faces have joined our team. We go against the Budapest trend-flow and insist on no admittance charge at a place with 4 dance floors...because we are so in love with you!

Ruin Pub Budapest

Let's take a peek at the line up of an Instant festival:

Ali Bishop / Andras Bader / Belányi / Bellano / Bergi / Budapest Burlesque / Cab Canavaral / Cadik / Chris.SU / Clairvo Mustbeat / Direct / DolbyRoll / Dublic / Dugo / EDK Sound System / Gandharva / Ground Zero / Hanzee / Infragandhi / Jahfar / Junkie / Jurassic FightClub / Kid Panel / Klokk / Leap / Ludmilla / Lusta Bítek / Mel Grace / Moti Borthers / Nárai / Neon Leon / Palotai / Ricky Meakin / Rookie T / Sarki / Savages / Seres / Sikztah / Sirmo / Sln / Slow / Subculture Revolution / Subotage / Suefo / Superman / Tom Select / Tom Tailor / Treo / Vida G / Yapo / Zagar Dj set / Zomblaze / Zosha

Ruin Pub