The biggest ruin pub in Budapest

Budapest’s most unique ruin pub, a legend, that is as famous as the Parliament, the Hero’s Square and the Fismerman’s Bastion altogether. It is not to be missed. The place moved to the clouds as it outgrew its previous home at Nagymező street. Its guests from all over the world will be amazed by more bars, more dance floors, and even more surrealistic decoration than ever from the afternoon’s acoustic concerts to the wildest techno until 6 in the morning, every day. Not just Instant, but Liebling, LARM, the newborn UnderWelt, and last but not least FRAME, so 8 bars, 4 dance floors and a restaurant completes the pleasure.

And Fogas?

The main ringmaster of the party district, which became an unavoidable star of ruin pubs in the whirl of Budapest nightlife. The outfit is totally new to boost the carnival feeling. You’ll spend a whole day in the fresh building complex, where the spaces are diversed, have more bars, and dance floors than ever with your favorite electronic dance music, and concerts! You will not only find FOGAS, but the popular mecca of rock music, ROBOT, and the favorite place of college students, PONT also, so 7 bars, 4 dance floors, and the city’s most magical garden guarantee relax and unforgettable times!

From 18 to 120 Budapest’s biggest ruin bar welcomes you!

Ruin Pub Budapest

Let’s take a peek at the line up of an Instant festival:

Ali Bishop / Andras Bader / Belányi / Bellano / Bergi / Budapest
Burlesque / Cab Canavaral / Cadik / Chris.SU / Clairvo Mustbeat /
Direct / DolbyRoll / Dublic / Dugo / EDK Sound System /
Gandharva / Ground Zero / Hanzee / Infragandhi / Jahfar /
Junkie / Jurassic FightClub / Kid Panel / Klokk / Leap / Ludmilla /
Lusta Bítek / Mel Grace / Moti Borthers / Nárai / Neon Leon /
Palotai / Ricky Meakin / Rookie T / Sarki / Savages / Seres /
Sikztah / Sirmo / Sln / Slow / Subculture Revolution / Subotage /
Suefo / Superman / Tom Select / Tom Tailor / Treo / Vida G /
Yapo / Zagar Dj set / Zomblaze / Zosha

Ruin Pub